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Read Them! Know Them! Live Them!
  1. Chat Rules
    Chatting can be fun. Rules can make it more fun! First of all, all other site and forum rules apply when in chat, so please be familiar with them. Chat also has its own rules, and violation of the rules in chat are punishable with exile and banishment - from the chat or from the whole site, at the discretion of the Admins/Mods.

    If you are being harassed by a particular player, or if you find anyone breaking the rules, please PM a mod or an admin so they can rectify the situation. Please provide specifics.

    Moderators Currently Online: There are no moderators online at this time. Please Smail Munk or DonKey and they will assist you as soon as they can.

  2. General Chat Rules
    No trolling - Trolling is the act of being purposefully inflammatory in order to induce inflamed reactions.
    No flaming - Flaming is the act of verbally (so to speak) abusing other chatters.
    Do not argue in public - If you have a beef with someone, take it to private messages.
    No flooding - Flooding is the cutting and pasting of excessive amounts of text, in order to cause the rest of the text on the screen to scroll away into oblivion.

  3. Chat Commands and Help
    Help and Command List:
    Slash Commands:
    /?, /h, /helpShows this help window.
    /who, /w, /onlineGet a list of who is active in chat.
    /whois, /wi [username]Get info on a user.
    /msg, /pm, /tell [username] [text]Send a chat PM to someone.
    /reply, /r [text]Send a chat PM reply to someone who just PM'd you.
    /conv, /v [text]Send a chat PM to last person you PM'd.
    /me, /em [text]Emote.
    /shout, /yell, /scream [text]Annoying emphasis. Use very sparingly.
    /whitelist, /wl, /friend [username]Add someone to your whitelist.
    /unwhitelist, /uwl, /unfriend [username]Remove someone from your whitelist.
    /blacklist, /bl, /ignore, /baleet [username]Add someone to your blacklist.
    /unblacklist, /ubl, /unignore, /unbaleet [username]Remove someone from your blacklist.
    /shakespeare [username]Deliver a witty Shakespearean insult.
    /insult, /hhgttg [username]Deliver a witty and futuristic insult.
    /compliment, /comp [username]Deliver a witty compliment.
    /clear, /clsClears the chat screen.
    /smail [username] [text]Send a quick in-game Smail to someone.
    /rng, /dice #sides #diceRolls #dice #sides-sided dice.
    /ping, /noopPings the server and resets your timeout clock.
    /topic, /top [text]Change Topic of currently-active channel.
    more coming soon
    Chat BBCode Tags:
    [google]text[/google]Creates a Google search link around text.
    [ud]text[/ud]Creates an Urban Dictionary define link around text.
    [wiki]text[/wiki]Creates a Wikipedia entry link around text.
    [imdb]text[/imdb]Creates an IMDB entry link around text.
    Chat User Icons:
    This person is an Administrator.
    This person is a Moderator.
    This person is an RFX DJ.
    This person is an SSW Player.
    Chat Society Icons:
    This person is an Amaranth.
    This person is an Eastern Star.
    This person is an Illuminati.
    This person is an Oddfellow.
    This person is a Triad.
    Chat Notification Icons:
    This is a System Announcement.
    This is a Personal Message.

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