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Can my facilities be destroyed?
Posted Sep 05, 3008 @ 15:08 by DonKey ( HW | PP | SMAIL)  

Facilities can currently be destroyed in the following ways:
- You can destroy your own facility by scrapping/selling it
- You can destroy your own facility by neglecting it. Once its shields and combined doppelpet health reaches 0, it will experience a reactor core breach during the next daily rollover.
- Members of enemy societies can cause your facility to be destroyed by capturing the sector in which it is located, and holding onto that sector until your facility reaches 0 shield health and 0 combined doppelpet health.

Possible ways facilities might be destroyed in the future (these have not been implemented yet, but are being considered):

- Players may be able to gain an "attack" skill, which will allow them to attack and potentially destroy enemy facilities using drones.
- Players may be able to cause their own facility to self-destruct. This would cause damage to things within the sector the facility was located. This would probably also require the sacrifice of a doppelpet.

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