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What triggers the Amaranth Win Condition (aka the start of the War)?
Posted Oct 06, 3008 @ 13:41 by Xerxes ( HW | PP | SMAIL)  
The Emperor Norton has long imposed a great Pax Imperia on known space. So long as the Emperor's Peace is adequately maintained, the loyal minions of the Order of the Amaranth cannot win the game. If, however, insurrection by other societies rises to a sufficient level, members of the Order of the Amaranth can win the game by controlling space under the same conditions as any other society.

Whether the Pax Imperia has broken down is checked every daily rollover. If any non-Amaranth society has the largest percentage of controlled sectors (i.e., more controlled sectors than the Amaranth), the start of the War will be triggered. The war can be triggered by any one of the previous 24 hourly samples of space control. The breakdown of Amaranth control need only last an hour for the War to start, and for an Amaranth win to become possible.

Under the Pax Imperia imposed by Emperor Norton, members of the Order of the Amaranth cannot be attacked by others in player-vs-player combat. They may, however, choose to attack members of other societies, who are clearly not respecting the Emperor's Peace. However, once the War starts, Amaranth members lose this PvP immunity and become as vulnerable to attack as all other players.

[b]Un-Obfuscated Version:[/b]
War condition is triggered at rollover, but is based on the largest average hourly score during the day. It technically starts when the largest percentage of controlled sectors is *not* Amaranth during a given day, and could be triggered by any of the 24 hourly samples. If at any point in the day a non-amaranth society gained more sectors than the amaranth controlled, the war condition would start at the next rollover.

Generally this will be when Amaranth control drops below 50%, but it will actually only trigger if another society gains control of more sectors than the Amaranth do, thus it wouldn't trigger if amaranths only had control of 30% of space, but no other society had more than 30% of space.

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