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What does the "Trading Efficiency" chart on the Universe Snapshot refer to? How is that generated?
Posted Jul 29, 3009 @ 12:34 by munk ( HW | PP | SMAIL)  
[quote="devilduhg"]What does the "Trading Efficiency" chart on the Universe Snapshot refer to? How is that generated?[/quote]

It measures all of the transactions the given society have conducted in trade ports, with what they've bought subtracted from what they've sold.

the exact formula used to render those results into a number from 0 to about 30 has not been spaded yet, so I'll preserve that mystery. However, you can assume that each tick on the graph takes more trade profit to get to the next tick than it took to get from the previous tick, thus it would take a really huge amount of trade profit to push that number above 30.

example: 7-27-09
Triad: 8
Illuminati: 11
Amaranth: 14
Oddfellows: 14
Eastern Star: 24

Ammy and ES both scored 14, so you can posit that they traded the same amount as a group, or close enough for guv't work. ES at 24 clearly made a killing in trade that day, perhaps even surpassing the output of Oddies and Ammys combined. Triad just got left in the dust.

Because of the increasing value of each tick, you don't know for certain exactly how much the other societies made as a group, even if you know exactly how much your own group made, and this is on purpose. The graph is meant to be a rough indicator of trade differences between societies, not a tell-all intelligence tool (:

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