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Don't forget to use your Datapad!
Posted Nov 08, 3007 @ 11:51 by DonKey ( HW | PP | SMAIL)  
Your datapad, located in your DataBuddy, is a great place to make notes and reminders to yourself as you travel the vast expanse of the galaxy. You'll probably find this even more useful as you learn the ways of the Universe, and your quests and missions become increasingly complex.

You can access and edit your datapad from anywhere simply by launching your DataBuddy. You are the only person who can view or edit information in your datapad. DataBuddy can be viewed by clicking on the DataBuddy link in the DataBuddy Help Terminal on the homepage or from the "Your Stuff" dropdown menu that shows up everywhere.

You can open your DataBuddy in a separate window by clicking on "Launch DataBuddy in a new window." This allows you to see your notes while performing other activities.

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