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How do I change my society?
Posted Apr 14, 3008 @ 18:50 by Timopotamus ( HW | PP | SMAIL)  
So you are stuck as an Eastern Star, but you want to be Illuminati. Or you fell into the Triads, but wanted to stay Amaranth. What do you do now?

Your society affiliation - and your power - have to do with your balance of good/evil and order/chaos. You can check details about your alignment in your lodge. It will tell you how much of your alignment is due to each aspect. For example, if you are an Oddfellow it may say you are 80% chaos and 20% good. The closer you are to 50/50, the harder it can be to change your society. If you are Oddfellow and want to be an Eastern Star you would have to work off 50% of good, then gain extra evil.

Your power and affiliation change based on how you interact with everyone you meet. Every time you attack, converse or sex0r someone you gain good/evil/order/chaos. If you are good/chaos and attack something good/chaos you will lose power and become more evil/order. However, if you convo that same monster you will gain good/chaos. This can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but it starts to make more sense the more you play the game ;)

The best way to determine what is going on is to watch your power after each encounter. Watch if you are gaining or losing power and try to figure out what is going on from there.

For more details on the whole process, check out Natsa's guide in the forums.

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