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How do I change my tagline?
Posted Apr 14, 3008 @ 19:05 by DonKey ( HW | PP | SMAIL)  
You can change your own tagline from the Change Tagline page, which is located here:


If you have just created an account, your first tagline change is free. After that, it costs 1 E-Peen to change your tagline again. E-Peen are an in-game donation reward item. Each time you donate to SSW, you receive a certain number of E-Peen proportional to the amount you donate. You can donate to SSW and receive E-Peen by going to the SSW Donation Page.

You can also change the tagline of other players for 2 E-Peen, and you can change the tagline of other players anonymously for 3 E-Peen. You can find a link to the tagline change page of other players by visiting their Homeworld or Player Profile.

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