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Why does my society/alignment change all the time!!???
Posted Apr 17, 3008 @ 00:44 by DonKey ( HW | PP | SMAIL)  
Your alignment, and the society you are a member of, has everything to do with the interactions you have with NPCs and other players in the game. This is intended.

Each of the five societies are aligned along a simple continuum of Good and Evil or Order and Chaos (this is commonly abbreviated as "GEOC"). Four of the five societies represent a different extreme combination of two of those disparate aspects. The Order of The Amaranth is perfectly neutral and sits right in the middle of the other four.

The reason your alignment changes all the time is because every NPC and real player in the game who you interact with via attacking/conversing/sex0ring/PvP/PsP influences your personal GEOC balance.

The proportion of Good/Evil/Order/Chaos you have at any given time determines which society you are currently aligned with, and the positive sum of your GEOC balance is commonly referred to as "power".

Part of the point of playing SSW is to figure out how these different interactions affect you, and how to control them so as to become a member of the society that is most compatible with your personality and playing style.

No matter which society you end up being a member of, you will always be able to participate in all aspects of the game.

However, one of the true challenges in SSW is to figure out how to become a member of, remain a member of, and potentially become the leader of, the society you want to be in.

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