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What is the point of the game, and how do I win it?
Posted Apr 17, 3008 @ 15:55 by Natsa ( HW | PP | SMAIL)  

The primary goal of SSW, and the way you "win", is through cooperating with other members of your society in order to control a vast majority of the 1,089 sectors in space for a specified period of time. This is generally called "Endgame" or "The War".

You cannot directly participate in "endgame", until after you complete all 33 quests and reach the 33rd Degree, but you can still help out other members of your society who are participating in endgame before you reach the 33rd degree.


In endgame, you control space with items called 'drones', which you leave in space sectors to defend those sectors. Only players of 33rd degree can use and see drones in space, as well as see which sectors are under societal control.

Controlling space, or having military control, is having more of a percentage of space with drones in them than the other societies' percentages of drones in space. Only one society can control a sector at a time, so it's inevitable that one society will eventually gain total control.

Drones can be placed in sectors via the 'in sector' dropdown menu located below the main link tabs at the top of the page. Once you choose that option, if you find an empty sector in space, you can drop as many drones as you are carrying there. Once dropped, they are viewable by other players, not just yourself. You can click on them to pick them back up, or pick up a specific amount. Your society mates can see them, but cannot pick them up.

Technically, other societies cannot see them either, but they 'can' interact with them. If they have drones in their inventory, their drones will 'fight' with the drones that you've left in the sector. It's a fight to the death, so one side will be wiped out completely. There is no way to stop the fight once it's started, so if you want to be careful with your drones, keep this in mind. Defenders have an advantage over attackers currently; keep this in mind as well. If the person that attacked your drones ends up winning, yours are wiped out and the sector is now under no one's control. If your defender drones end up winning, the attacker is denied access to the sector and your remaining drones 'remain' in the sector.

If someone 'doesn't' have drones in their inventory when they try to enter the sector that you just dropped drones in, they will be denied access. This is why sector control is important, aside from the fact that it wins the game eventually. Players can block players from other societies from entering sectors with asteroids, luvsats, NPC stores, and powerups, starving them from the benefits that they used to use freely.

'Winning' the game is done by maintaining 80% military control on average for seven days straight. The average is taken each day, so one day of even 79% control resets the count and the society will have to start over. The average is calculated by viewing the sector control percentage at each hour, so keeping control throughout the 'entire' day is important.

You can't win this game yourself, no matter how hard you try, so be sure to be active in your society forums and syndicates. :)

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