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or "What Do I Do Now That I'm Unfrozen"
  1. Who Am I?
    Don't you remember? Your name is <Insert Your Name Here> and you were cryogenically frozen about a thousand years ago in an ultimately successful bid for a cure for the disease that would have killed you back then. It just took a little longer than you expected it would. Welcome to the future! (:

  2. What Is My Goal?
    Like every little boy or girl who dreams big, your ultimate goal is to rise through the ranks of society to become the leader of the known Universe. However, not everyone can be Emperor, so there are less ambitious goals you might pursue. Some people collect pets, others collect scalps, and still others lust for money. Pick your poison, baby - Power, Money or Fame.

    In the end, it comes down to Power (which advances you in the ranks of your society), your stats (which measure how much faster, stronger and cleverer you are versus your opponents), and your ability to bring home the bacon. These will influence how useful you will be in the Emperor's bid to defend Amaranthine control, or in the case of the other societies, to break that control and assert their own control.

  3. What Should I Do First?
    You should probably shake off your outdated 21st-century preconceptions about morality. Also, you should learn how to fight. The Universe of the 31st century can be a violent and cruel experience if you're not ready to lay some smack down on those who step up to you. Most people, however, will be nice to you if you're nice to them. Learn to network with those who can help you achieve your goals.

    To these ends, your first stop should be your local Lodge, where you will find friendly and helpful people who will give you advice on what you should do to further your career within your society. Also, never underestimate the power of social networking. Check out the forums. Venture into chat and get to know those with whom you will be interacting. Those in your society will probably treat you square, but be prepared to take the word of those of other societies with a grain of salt.

  4. What Should I Do Over The Next Couple Of Days?
    Equip your weapons, first thing. Then head over to the Lodge and the Lodgemaster will assign you the task of collecting 25 Combat Experience. You gain combat experience by beating up other people that you meet while wandering around on the planet surface. You are given a long-range Apple Gat and a set of Brass Knuckles, and have been trained in their use via direct data induction. You'll be pretty good at hitting stuff if you stick with what you know at first. Some people go over to Ishii's and grab a second Apple Gat if they want to be spendthrift with ammo, or a second set of Brass Knuckes if they want to save ammo and prefer the close-up sort of combat. Get some combat experience and save the stuff that people drop, because it will be useful to you later. When you gain the requisite amount of combat experience, return to the lodge for your promotion and next assignment.

    Also, stop by the Gift Shop if you're into the whole "not being naked" thing. They have sweat pants and touristy t-shirts on sale at only slightly inflated prices. You can even get ammo and cigarettes there, and a gin martini to steady your nerves.

    The second lesson you will learn will be about patience and persistence, mainly because the Cryo guys ran out of passports and haven't been issuing them to the latest batch of Popsickles. Yeah, you're one of the ones who didn't get one. Rectifying this is your second task, and don't be afraid to use sex and violence to get what you need, especially with faceless bureaucrats. Do not lose faith in your own abilities if you find the going slow, and feel free to search the forums and ask in chat for clues. People will not give direct spoilers for fear of the iron fist of the Moderators, but they will be happy to nudge you in the right direction.

  5. What Should I Do After That?
    Well, have fun! Once you can credibly defend yourself, explore! Listen to what your Lodge councilors advise you to accomplish, and meet new people.

  6. Where Should I Go If I Need Help?
    It's interesting you should ask that, because there just so happens to be documentation on exactly WHERE YOU CAN FIND HELP :)

  7. Addendum For Beta.
    Yay! We've made it past the ALPHA stage, and have all of the major game mechanics installed and working. The BETA phase is where we clean up the interface and artwork, crack down on multis, and generally do the fine-tooth comb debugging. The only major mechanics yet to be introduced are DoppelPet-related (we expect to have them ready soon), and we will continue to add to and refine the community aspects of the site.

    BETA is also when the Content Moderators are going to seriously attack the Suggestion Box and implement a lot more content in terms of additional monsters, items, recipes and other single-player NPC-type content. Almost everything is finished mechanically, but may undergo useability improvements as we fine-tune things. No really major bugs are expected, but we certainly would like to hear about it if you discover one.

    Give us suggestions (sparingly, please) - We *do* have a vision for what this universe is going to be like, and any suggestions given may fall outside the realm of what we're trying to do, but some of them may fall right into that realm, or might provide us with the germ of an idea that turns into something completely different. This is going to be a community, and we want to reflect the interests and imaginations of our members. Post your suggestions in the Suggestion Box. We can't make any promises, but you never know.. (:

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