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The Great War of goodness (A.K.A. When the Universe Forgot to be Evil War)
was won by The Illuminati on Aug 28, 3017


Captainlongdong walked down the path to where his generals were waiting for him. This was an unlikely group to be sure, but it was all he had to work with. Word from the stars said that they had finally won against those chaotic Oddfellows, and they even had a defector. He saw them as he neared the granite table that they gathered around and shook his head again at the alliance. "How goes the fight?"

Grimdel was wiping drone bits off of his jacket and looking quite pleased with himself, all the while keeping an eye on the others....
"Might take one more sweep and kill what chaos I can, just to make sure."

Salen was cleaning his gun while that black orb hovered above his shoulder....
How he came to work for good and order was a mystery, and one that no one wanted to know...
"I'll join him, there has to be someone out there to take out."

Zydecopolka and Sallyfox sat at the table and laughed while they traded money in the online auctions, and giggled at the things they bought....
"Did you say something General?"

And last but not least Prydera kept sending drones to Salen..."All wrapped up here sir!"
"Pry, it's over I don't need any more drones."
Salen laughed as he saw that more were hovering in space waiting for him.
'Sorry , Habit."

"Ok any word on our Missing members?" They had started out with more than this, but somehow they lost some. Captainlongdong wasn't exactly worried about them, but loose ends and all that...

"DocChocolate was last seen around Solaris, we think Xkiv got him." Grimdel said, He signaled to his drones and then walked to the telepad and blasted off looking for the last remnants of blue drones. "I'll let you know what's left." he said as he disappeared.

"Thoth777 turned to the dark side." Salen quipped, holstering his gun and throwing on his long coat. "And Olaf is just floating, he won't answer my calls. He looked at his watch and sighed. The others that started with us have been awol, I'll try and get you a list and find them."

Just then Grimm ran in, throwing off her Eastern star robes and laughing.
"I'm here! When do we start the war?" Then she saw the war map and sighed....
"Crap. I'm late again aren't I?"

Cuadbelle walked in behind her wearing her Oddfellow fez and belt and laughed with her. "Yeah, but you're here and that's what counts." She turned to Pry as Salen teleported out to go find popsicles to hunt and smiled. "Let me guess, You were sending Salen drones as well?"

"All right settle down, It looks like we've won but I've heard that we have a guest that should be here any moment." Captainlongdong didn't know what to think of this guy, but any help was good help.

Then the telepad hummed and TFwO materialized throwing off his Oddfellow jacket and donning a bright green long coat. "Well met all! I've got your accounts filled with bux and my drones are pulled."

Screens chimed on the table and Grimdel's face appeared with explosions behind him. "Hey guys, found a couple more drones to kill but nothing that will stop our win. Huzzah!" He spun and pointed directing his drones at sector 2 just for giggles then the screen changed...

Salen was floating in space, chasing Mcfeisty and firing his gun as his orb blasted her from behind. "Found another one, but still no sign of Dician, Squiffle, or Fantadiluvia." He spun holstering his piece and smiling. "No resistance out here though...we're good!"

Captainlongdong smiled, "Well then I guess we can finally celebrate, we did it guys!" and with that he scooped up Grimm and spun in a circle.

Thanks to all the opponents that made this cycle challenging, the war lasted quite some time, but you all made it worth while.

All statistics are based on players who have logged in within the last 30 days of a win, and have played over 1000 turns in that game cycle.

Grand Poo-Bah
Power: 727,070
33° Sovereign Grand
1 Dimits

The Illuminati
Exalted Master
Power: 468,866
33° Sovereign Grand
1 Dimits

Super Excellent Master
Power: 401,636
29° Knight of St. Andrew
0 Dimits

Select Master
Power: 367,764
33° Sovereign Grand
1 Dimits

Royal Master
Power: 274,582
33° Sovereign Grand
2 Dimits

Royal Arch Mason
Power: 20,024
33° Sovereign Grand
1 Dimits

Most Excellent Master
Power: 19,549
33° Sovereign Grand
0 Dimits

Virtual Master
Power: 13,743
20° Master of the Symbolic Lodge
0 Dimits


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