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So, my most recent news centers a bit around the fact that I have now accepted the job of Union Representative for our location and division of the company. Our previous rep became head rep for the entire division nationwide and while she's based here, she just couldn't keep up with the local AND the total stuff. So now I'm a newbie union rep and takign advantage of the little bit of union work to get out of some regular work. :)

I also got the job just in time to get invited along to the union's annual retreat. We started off Friday of last week in Oslo with some meetings, and then it was tot he harbour to board a cruiseship Crown of Scandinavia, and have a weekend cruise to Copenhagen.

It's an overnight trip between Oslo and Copenhagen, so we had a few meetings right away in the ship conference center, before going off to our own devices for a bit. It was overall a lovely cruise with fancy dinner the first night, and then full access to everythgin on board.

On the other hand, the evening did contain a bit of drama, as with the lack of worrying about driving, since obviously bed was in walking distance of the onboard nightclub. (in typical european style it is referred to as a Dicoteque.) And so I closed out the place, dancing until 5 am, and dragging a hottie back to my cabin.

Where the drama came about was that in retrospect I realize he must have been high on something other than just alcohol, and after getting things going rather interestingly, he had sort of a weird shift, like something flipped internally and he got rather violent. Happily he was fucked up enough by drugs and alcohol to be uncoordinated, and I suspect even sober, I'd outdistance him by a good bit on brain power, so while he was strangling me, I managed to get my arm around and grab onto his ballsac and squeeze. I clawed my fingers so that when he tried to pull away he really just crushed them more, so he had to stay close enough and still not piss me off any more.

I finally pushed us up, walked him backward tot he door, and pushed him pantsless intot he hall, locking up behind him. All is well, but it was a bit more dramatic than I really needed. He also managed to bite me, so I had to check on the whole human bite danger. (apparently a fairly major one because human oral bacteria is extensive.) luckily my last tetanus booster was within 10 years and I just had a couple punctures on my finger, nothing worse. However my throat is still bruised from the strangling. AND i might add, I am NOT into asphyxiphilia. :P

From there, the weekend was fine. I slept liek the dead until 11, went into the city looked around a bit, and came back in the afternoon to the ship. Had a nice dinner with the rest of the union peeps, and early to bed saturday. :)

Now I'm barely recovering from all the tired and sore aftermath of last weekend, and looking forward to my next adventure. Saturday 19th of Nov, I am taking off for a quickie Las Vegas getaway. :) Any SSWers in Vegas? Maybe we can have a club night?

Posted: 11/08/11 at 00:53 (701 views)

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well if you schedule a stop over flight through boston were an hour away! take a day and visit NH!!

Posted on 11/08/11 at 16:04

Well, by pantsless, I suppose I should have said I threw him out with his pants around his ankles. LOL If I would have had his wallet, I probably would have done just as you suggest Munk. :)

Posted on 11/08/11 at 08:08

Nice handling. Since he left his pants behind, you could send his wallet to the cops. (:

Posted on 11/08/11 at 07:07

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