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The Nothing approaches and i have one last time to write my thoughts, thank you's and wisdom (don't laugh) down for the archives. This was my very first online game ever and i was worried when i started that i wouldn't do well. I would say the wrong thing, type something inappropriate, or just get myself banned doing something stupid.So no one was more surprised than me when i started really making friends here; friends that i never wouldn't think of having, over very large distances. Texas, Norway, haiti, and so on. I learned a great deal from the game and those that ran/monitored it, and when i've ever said that i don't know computers i was not exagerating at all. i found out how to post a link (sent out several smails to friends saying "Look what i can do guys!" and pestered the hell out of many) i've learned how to make avatras (albeit semi simple ones using paint and repetitive pastes), and even added to the game by posting bugs and posting in the help section to put up quest spoilers.

The game itself really helped me come out of my shell a bit online. i now act pretty much the same on here as i do in real life; and i never knew i could do that over the internet! In looking back, and looking at the current listings i am surprised that i'm in the top ten of most popular popsickles, am in the top three most viewed homeworlds, and am on quite a few leaderboards for various things. So what will i walk away from this game with? a couple of really great friends with whom i now talk on the phone with (well used to now it's only one), a good many more that know me very well (enough to want to hang out with me in other games), and the sense that i was a part of something great.

So. Postwhore? Yes. Overly happy? probably. all around pain-in-the-ass? You fraking betcha! but i always try to have fun with it. So thanks again Munk, this was an awesome first experiance and already i can't help but compare it to everything i play now ('well it's not like ssw', or 'It kinda has a couple things like ssw')

So now i sit, waiting for the Nothing to come. I have a couple of days so i will be playing the hell out this game, like the violinist on the Titantic, so beware, cause that's another thing i can't believe....i'm on the board for PVP master again.....the old wolf pack would be proud! and for the record....the Eastern Star demon pack was in memory of demolition. It was his idea that we try to do that so....all the bodies are for you sir may your time here comfort you where ever you are:)

Thank you to all the people that put up with me, helped me, tutored me, and generally kicked ass with me. you all rock!!!!!
love and kisses, Salen

Posted: 12/26/11 at 18:51 (1049 views)

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Glad to know that SSW popped your cherry :D

Posted on 12/28/11 at 09:09

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