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"If I’m going to win, I’m going to win with or without panties"

31 years old


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Last Active: 18:40 Feb 21, 3012
Thawed: 18:36 Apr 18, 3010
Society: The Order Of The Amaranth
Homeworld Views: 1204

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ShadowsCursed's Interests

General Interests
I'm an outdoor enthusiast. I LOVE to rock climb and go kayaking whenever I can.

I'm also an artsy fartsy kid. I do have an issue where I'll start a project and then half way through I'll waddle off to start a different project.

Dogs! I live and breathe for dogs. Especially Greyhounds.

People I Like
Myself? I think I'm a pretty slick lady. On Secret Society Wars I've been slammed with beautiful lovin. The attention whore that is living inside of me (literally, there is a prostitute living inside of me) is loving it! Nerds, in general. I have the hots for nerds. I melt on spot for nerds with ambition. I'd get naked for them.

Music I Like
David Bowie, The Eagles and Rolling Stones. Now that I'm done listing off my cool favorite bands, I'll continue with the girly shit none of you want to hear about. Lady Gaga, Mindless Pop Music, Classical Music, Josh Groban and Britney Spears (LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!)

Movies I Like
Platoon, Pan's Labyrinth, Labyrinth and Big Fish are my favorites. I enjoy movies, but I'll admit I'm a bit sheltered when it comes to them. Please please please! Give me some movie suggestions. I adore watching movies, so send them over!

TV Shows I Like
The Amazing Race, Paranormal State, Baseball Games and VH1's Tough Love.

Books I Like
What the fuck is a book? Just teasing. Listing all the books I like could take days. The better way to go about this is to list my genres. I'm always reading when I'm not doodling, wrestling with my dog or watching mindless chick shows. Sci Fi, Fantasies, Summer Reads, Murder Mysteries and all sorts of fiction are my weak spots.

Games I Like
Sweet Jesus. I'm a Gaiaonline whore. I had gotten into WoW for about a week before I got bored. Not fun playing without friends, right? There are hordes of games that I love, but I'm still stuck with my old school Nintendo.

ShadowsCursed's Vital Statistics
Ethnicity:  White/Caucasian
Height:  5' 8"
Body Type:  Average

Drinker:  Yes
Smoker:  No

Sexual Orientation:  Straight
Marital Status:  Single
Children:  Maybe Someday
Religion:  Other

Education:  Some College
Income:  $30,000 - $45,000

Why I'm Here:  To Play The Game, To Rule The Universe With An Iron Fist, To Make Friends, To Party, To Get Laid, To Find My Soulmate, To Whine Endlessly About My Life, To Make An Ass Of Myself

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04/23/10 Shadow in all of her sexiness. Watch out now!
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About ShadowsCursed
What can I say? I'm a country girl at heart. I've recently run off to Vegas to study Fashion Design. I'm a pretty laid back girl who loves the outdoors. I have a few endearing quirks, but those should be discovered later. Revealing everything all at once would make talking to me quite dull, yes?

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08/24/10 The Disappearing Act
07/30/10 Just keep coming around
07/12/10 A living, breathing , fire eating Miss Shadows
06/25/10 Vegas Rockstar
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view Natsa's homeworld
@ 20:14
I literally worked all day. It was cool though. Thanks.
view fuzzygnome's homeworld
@ 20:26
WOO HOO!!! Another peep from NH!
view gulogulo's homeworld
@ 15:47
It might just be the picture but you look like an extremely young, non-plastic surgery needing Kathy Griffin. Next picture you post as an avatar... I suggest more cleavage. >.>
view TFwO's homeworld
@ 07:33
w00t New Hampshirites unite!
view Salen's homeworld
@ 19:02
another NH rock on!! welcome aboard
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