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"Eglished, but a little fucked up."

42 years old


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Last Active: 13:40 Jan 11, 3016
Thawed: 10:19 Jun 22, 3007
Society: The Order Of The Amaranth
Homeworld Views: 1429

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sheling's Interests

General Interests
Another gap that I am incapable of filling without spouting nonsense. Boo!

Exploration, innovation, entertainment and finding ways to save the world in teeny-tiny steps. Imagining that I'll be able to cheat death in thirty years in spite of the lousy habits I have now. Falling in and out of love in a blink of an eye. Being mean - and damned funny with it. Developing an assertive selfish streak that counter-balances my inexplicable adoration of the human race. Never knowing the answers, and not being ashamed of never pretending otherwise.

These are all some of my favourite pasttimes.

People I Like
People I like? Game people? Real people? Imaginary people? Famous people? Trust me when I say that I don't like anyone.

Music I Like
Perhaps the point of this is to make me more networkable? I'll work on a list that will (hopefully) cover most of my musical tastes. But we'll start with this for now... Janes Addiction, Delibes, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, The Gypsy Kings, Disturbed, Reel Big Fish, Tricky, Joanna Newsom. Beethoven, Tali, Pink, Placebo, Korn, Blondie, Add N to X

Movies I Like
How is it possible to compile a list of every movie I've ever watched and enjoyed? Or to expect the readers of such a list to understand exactly what it is about these films that I love enough to want to list them at all? I must do my homework.

Books I Like
Anything by China Mieville, Wild Swans, LotR (I guess), Watership Down, anything by Stephen Donaldson, Aesop's Fables, a good dictionary, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles

Games I Like
KoL, Net Hack (Falcon's Eye), Doom, Doom2, Quake, All the Silent Hills, FF7, Kingdom Hearts (I hang my head)...

sheling's Vital Statistics
Ethnicity:  White/Caucasian
Height:  5' 10"
Body Type:  A Little Meaty

Drinker:  Yes
Smoker:  Yes
Midnight Toker:  Yes

Sexual Orientation:  Bisexual
Marital Status:  Single
Children:  Proud Parent
Religion:  Atheist

Education:  College Graduate

Why I'm Here:  To Play The Game, To Rule The Universe With An Iron Fist, To Make Friends, To Party, To Get Laid, To Make An Ass Of Myself

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sheling's kinda clever pl...
Make a request to RFX.

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About sheling
Riding forth on a coconut of doom, sheling appears, strutting her moxie in a puff of purple bubblebath. But this shampooing hex-chick packs more than a dandy coiffure! Famed for keeping special things in awkward places, spouting nonsense and being liked for no discernable reason, sheling is probably a buffoon you'd prefer not to associate with, but simply can't help prevent yourself from getting to know.

And poor you, wee cub, for you find you can understand the words but not their meaning. But fear not, for this gibberish is not designed to make you feel dumb(er than you already are) but to fill a gap in the profile!

Intangible at best, irreverent at worst, hike up your garters and hokey-poke along the yellow brick road. C'mon, it'll be fun!

sheling's poking about the place, and the smell of bad jokes is overwhelming.

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08/31/07 Aftermath.
08/29/07 Part Five: We Shall Overcome.
08/29/07 Part Four: Safari.
08/29/07 Part Three: Daddy Bad-Bad.
08/29/07 Part Two: The Pink Dream.
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@ 14:55
Happy Birthday !!!
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@ 09:13
Happy Happy Birthday Bay-Bee! I mean Fuck-er!
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@ 07:35
Sheling, thou goatish motley-minded death-token! Happy Birthday!
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@ 15:41
You had me at fucked.
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