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calvin's account has been banished from the Universe!

calvin's account has been banished from the Universe!

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"breakdown the synopsis, then filter the story"

49 years old


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Society: The Order Of The Amaranth
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General Interests
Too many to list, So sorry. Okay, so if I'm a nerd, get over it already.

People I Like
Everyone, until they prove me wrong. (sometimes even more than once!) If you are at that point, then consider yourself warned!

Music I Like
Joy Division, Keane, Iris, Coldplay, Interpol, Radiohead, The Smiths, Editors, We are Scienctists, the Fray, Sisters of Mercy, New Order, older Ministry, The Style Council, Paul Weller, Oasis, the Cure, Ian Brown, Sting, Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music, (older) U2, Foo Fighters, Shriekback, Lloyd Cole, Replacements, Beatles, The the, Blur, Stone Roses, Gang of 4, Happy Mondays, older Depeche Mode, Better than Ezra, Snow Patrol, the Shins, Split Enz, Hunters & Collectors, Audioslave, Third Day, Daft Punk, Wolfsheim, older REM, Eskimo Joe, etc, etc., etc. ...

Movies I Like
Fight Club, What dreams may come, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Daredevil, The Passion of The Christ, Old School, I "heart" Huckabees, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Reservoir dogs, Snatch, Gosford Park, Napoleon Dynamite, Heathers, Clerks (and Clerks II), Batman Returns, Harold & Maude, Love Actually, Casablanca, The great Gatsby, Any Mel Brooks, Any Monty Python, any Adam Sandler, X-MEN or any other Marvel Comics movies, The African Queen or anything else feat. Katherine Hepburn, etc.

TV Shows I Like
I don't generally watch television except for the "news" and a few shows (such as Mythbusters, How it's made, Modern Marvels, Cash Cab) on the Discovery channel, History channel, The Science Channel, TLC, BBC America, Animal Planet, etc.

Books I Like
The Quincunx or anything else by Charles Palliser. The Bible. Most classics including (but not limited to): Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lawrence, Faust by Goethe, The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl, anything by Anton Chekhov, Guy de Maupassant, Dostoyevsky, Emily Bronte, the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, also anything by: Boethius, Kerouak, Kahlil Gibran, Anne Rice, Oscar Wilde, Lord Byron, F. Scott Fitzgerald, St. Thomas Aquinas, James Joyce, Josheph Campbell, or Ovid. (even Stephen King will do, as long as it's the Dark Tower Series, which is The Best). I also have to admit that I love James Patterson novels- His writing just sucks you in...

Games I Like
KOL, The Legend of Zelda (all games). (yes, I like all the Mario games as well...) Even Frogger & Pac-Man. Sorry for being very old school- that's just who I am.

calvin's Vital Statistics
Ethnicity:  White/Caucasian
Height:  5' 7"
Body Type:  Athletic

Drinker:  Yes
Smoker:  Yes
Midnight Toker:  No

Sexual Orientation:  Straight
Marital Status:  Divorced
Children:  Proud Parent
Religion:  Christian

Occupation:  Other
Education:  Some College

Why I'm Here:  To Play The Game, To Rule The Universe With An Iron Fist, To Make Friends, To Party, To Get Laid, To Find My Soulmate, To Whine Endlessly About My Life, To Make An Ass Of Myself

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About calvin
Take life as it comes, it's all good in the end (just don't take it in the back end!). Always enjoy your day! Enjoy the small things in life.

About me: You get what you see. I'm real. That's it. Fake people suck. (And if you hate my laid back attitude, then too bad...) Sorry. You all should just at least try to smile once in a while. Try to stay upbeat even when things get you down.

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@ 14:36
Heya Calvin, thx for the add :)
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@ 13:52
happy birthday
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@ 17:26
Life is wonderful again. Thanks!
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@ 23:57
Carpe Diem!
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@ 16:25
Enjoy your day!
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