The Mostest: Oct 21, 3017

Fastest Dimits (by turns): Fastest Dimits (by hours):
1xKiv33°1,197 Turns
2baughmjk33°1,206 Turns
3Salen33°1,381 Turns
4Langers33°1,383 Turns
5Langers33°1,391 Turns
6baughmjk33°1,444 Turns
7Salen33°1,469 Turns
8baughmjk33°1,472 Turns
9captainlongdong33°1,535 Turns
10Necco33°1,693 Turns
11baughmjk33°1,720 Turns
12sallyfox33°1,722 Turns
13sallyfox33°1,826 Turns
14sallyfox33°1,884 Turns
15sallyfox33°2,056 Turns
16keiniku33°2,057 Turns
17keiniku33°2,092 Turns
18TFwO33°2,100 Turns
19sallyfox33°2,103 Turns
20grimdel33°2,152 Turns
21sallyfox33°2,199 Turns
22sallyfox33°2,217 Turns
23raventree33°2,248 Turns
24sallyfox33°2,468 Turns
25Necco33°2,639 Turns
1baughmjk33°25 Hours
2captainlongdong33°25 Hours
3xKiv33°25 Hours
4baughmjk33°31 Hours
5Salen33°35 Hours
6grimdel33°36 Hours
7Necco33°37 Hours
8baughmjk33°37 Hours
9sallyfox33°46 Hours
10sallyfox33°47 Hours
11sallyfox33°48 Hours
12sallyfox33°48 Hours
13sallyfox33°49 Hours
14baughmjk33°50 Hours
15Salen33°50 Hours
16sallyfox33°52 Hours
17keiniku33°64 Hours
18kittendethray33°65 Hours
19sallyfox33°66 Hours
20TFwO33°68 Hours
21Necco33°75 Hours
22sallyfox33°79 Hours
23keiniku33°81 Hours
24sallyfox33°95 Hours
25captaneric33°98 Hours
Luckiest Players: Toughest Players:
1xKiv66,588 Luckiness
2TFwO60,399 Luckiness
3grimdel58,750 Luckiness
4captainlongdong56,234 Luckiness
5zydecopolka52,741 Luckiness
6sallyfox42,480 Luckiness
7Salen41,662 Luckiness
8baughmjk33,863 Luckiness
9prydera18,574 Luckiness
10Necco16,076 Luckiness
11captaneric14,787 Luckiness
12dugannash12,464 Luckiness
13Langers10,964 Luckiness
14McFeisty9,411 Luckiness
15cuadBelle9,280 Luckiness
16kittendethray6,504 Luckiness
17Noskilz3,426 Luckiness
18daisygirl2,808 Luckiness
19Squiffle2,682 Luckiness
20raventree771 Luckiness
21Hadjuk666 Luckiness
22Olaf588 Luckiness
23doublejesus491 Luckiness
24Dician401 Luckiness
25nione1986328 Luckiness
1xKiv100 Hit Points
2zydecopolka100 Hit Points
3captainlongdong100 Hit Points
4prydera100 Hit Points
5raventree100 Hit Points
6cuadBelle100 Hit Points
7Langers100 Hit Points
8TFwO99 Hit Points
9Dician99 Hit Points
10Squiffle95 Hit Points
11sallyfox90 Hit Points
12Hadjuk90 Hit Points
13grimdel80 Hit Points
14baughmjk71 Hit Points
15ReaprSoul70 Hit Points
16keiniku69 Hit Points
17McFeisty68 Hit Points
18DocChocolate67 Hit Points
19Necco63 Hit Points
20captaneric62 Hit Points
21kittendethray61 Hit Points
22doublejesus60 Hit Points
23thoth77757 Hit Points
24dugannash56 Hit Points
25daisygirl55 Hit Points
Busiest Players: Wealthiest Players:
1xKiv176,220 Turns Played
2grimdel141,783 Turns Played
3captainlongdong120,174 Turns Played
4zydecopolka97,045 Turns Played
5TFwO93,219 Turns Played
6sallyfox89,001 Turns Played
7captaneric72,387 Turns Played
8raventree63,039 Turns Played
9Hadjuk46,777 Turns Played
10Salen43,548 Turns Played
11baughmjk32,417 Turns Played
12prydera21,049 Turns Played
13Necco18,687 Turns Played
14McFeisty18,551 Turns Played
15Olaf15,888 Turns Played
16doublejesus13,288 Turns Played
17Langers11,216 Turns Played
18kittendethray10,726 Turns Played
19keiniku10,356 Turns Played
20ReaprSoul7,357 Turns Played
21cuadBelle6,109 Turns Played
22Squiffle5,308 Turns Played
23DocChocolate3,935 Turns Played
24Dician2,541 Turns Played
25dugannash2,225 Turns Played
1zydecopolka59,389,699 Starbux
2McFeisty21,482,714 Starbux
3Olaf15,511,855 Starbux
4doublejesus12,072,422 Starbux
5captaneric11,000,786 Starbux
6Langers8,335,894 Starbux
7Squiffle6,793,648 Starbux
8Noskilz6,684,640 Starbux
9kittendethray4,757,444 Starbux
10keiniku2,695,171 Starbux
11DocChocolate1,365,640 Starbux
12cuadBelle569,578 Starbux
13ReaprSoul303,720 Starbux
14dugannash176,284 Starbux
15daisygirl72,003 Starbux
16Fantadiluvia13,462 Starbux
17Ratria12,779 Starbux
18mbmking10,542 Starbux
19litorisp9,737 Starbux
20Chrisness1,114 Starbux
21alexfierro11 Starbux
22Salen0 Starbux
23thwarted0 Starbux
24Dician0 Starbux
25raventree0 Starbux
Most Recipe-Wise: Most Popular:
1baughmjk102/416 Recipes
2raventree90/416 Recipes
3captaneric87/416 Recipes
4grimdel84/416 Recipes
5xKiv80/416 Recipes
6kittendethray74/416 Recipes
7McFeisty63/416 Recipes
8keiniku63/416 Recipes
9Olaf57/416 Recipes
10Langers46/416 Recipes
11Necco44/416 Recipes
12DocChocolate40/416 Recipes
13doublejesus39/416 Recipes
14ReaprSoul35/416 Recipes
15sallyfox34/416 Recipes
16dugannash34/416 Recipes
17Salen31/416 Recipes
18captainlongdong28/416 Recipes
19prydera28/416 Recipes
20zydecopolka24/416 Recipes
21TFwO24/416 Recipes
22Dician23/416 Recipes
23thoth77722/416 Recipes
24Squiffle21/416 Recipes
25Hadjuk18/416 Recipes
Best Traders: Best Bangs Since The Big One:
1sallyfox281,747,886 Trade Exp.
2xKiv252,868,451 Trade Exp.
3zydecopolka230,245,143 Trade Exp.
4grimdel138,105,920 Trade Exp.
5TFwO116,067,631 Trade Exp.
6captainlongdong113,547,756 Trade Exp.
7raventree95,216,168 Trade Exp.
8captaneric73,827,429 Trade Exp.
9baughmjk47,509,303 Trade Exp.
10Salen45,494,779 Trade Exp.
11prydera23,070,612 Trade Exp.
12McFeisty22,485,506 Trade Exp.
13doublejesus14,952,992 Trade Exp.
14Olaf13,999,102 Trade Exp.
15Langers12,319,022 Trade Exp.
16Necco10,227,278 Trade Exp.
17cuadBelle7,369,094 Trade Exp.
18kittendethray7,286,583 Trade Exp.
19keiniku5,345,413 Trade Exp.
20Hadjuk4,650,471 Trade Exp.
21Squiffle4,578,900 Trade Exp.
22ReaprSoul1,922,485 Trade Exp.
23DocChocolate1,568,322 Trade Exp.
24Dician890,734 Trade Exp.
25dugannash182,115 Trade Exp.
1sallyfox30,132 Sexiness
2raventree22,685 Sexiness
3TFwO19,893 Sexiness
4Salen19,787 Sexiness
5xKiv19,268 Sexiness
6captainlongdong16,389 Sexiness
7baughmjk11,372 Sexiness
8grimdel9,505 Sexiness
9Langers7,614 Sexiness
10captaneric7,412 Sexiness
11zydecopolka7,089 Sexiness
12prydera4,339 Sexiness
13Necco4,160 Sexiness
14keiniku3,651 Sexiness
15McFeisty3,355 Sexiness
16kittendethray3,160 Sexiness
17Olaf3,088 Sexiness
18doublejesus2,645 Sexiness
19ReaprSoul2,392 Sexiness
20DocChocolate1,514 Sexiness
21cuadBelle1,365 Sexiness
22Squiffle1,361 Sexiness
23Dician1,360 Sexiness
24Hadjuk1,289 Sexiness
25dugannash386 Sexiness
Most Confident: Highest Constitution:
1xKiv50,545 Confidence
2grimdel37,418 Confidence
3TFwO34,243 Confidence
4captainlongdong31,161 Confidence
5zydecopolka28,146 Confidence
6captaneric23,318 Confidence
7sallyfox20,584 Confidence
8raventree16,599 Confidence
9Salen14,659 Confidence
10Hadjuk14,319 Confidence
11baughmjk8,171 Confidence
12Langers6,185 Confidence
13prydera4,155 Confidence
14Necco4,025 Confidence
15McFeisty4,014 Confidence
16Olaf3,410 Confidence
17doublejesus3,297 Confidence
18kittendethray2,284 Confidence
19keiniku1,910 Confidence
20Squiffle1,269 Confidence
21DocChocolate1,011 Confidence
22ReaprSoul990 Confidence
23cuadBelle946 Confidence
24Dician436 Confidence
25dugannash353 Confidence
1xKiv123,298 Constitution
2grimdel101,567 Constitution
3captainlongdong89,008 Constitution
4zydecopolka82,838 Constitution
5TFwO82,250 Constitution
6sallyfox50,209 Constitution
7captaneric41,561 Constitution
8Salen26,583 Constitution
9baughmjk26,092 Constitution
10Hadjuk25,514 Constitution
11raventree21,348 Constitution
12Langers18,695 Constitution
13prydera12,606 Constitution
14Necco11,084 Constitution
15McFeisty9,252 Constitution
16Olaf5,106 Constitution
17kittendethray5,030 Constitution
18doublejesus4,801 Constitution
19Squiffle2,424 Constitution
20keiniku2,286 Constitution
21cuadBelle2,161 Constitution
22Noskilz1,749 Constitution
23dugannash1,653 Constitution
24DocChocolate1,506 Constitution
25daisygirl1,267 Constitution
Best Dressed: PVP Masters:
1baughmjk26/56 Costumes
2raventree26/56 Costumes
3grimdel25/56 Costumes
4xKiv24/56 Costumes
5Olaf20/56 Costumes
6Langers14/56 Costumes
7kittendethray14/56 Costumes
8keiniku13/56 Costumes
9Salen13/56 Costumes
10McFeisty13/56 Costumes
11DocChocolate12/56 Costumes
12zydecopolka12/56 Costumes
13captainlongdong12/56 Costumes
14doublejesus11/56 Costumes
15ReaprSoul11/56 Costumes
16captaneric10/56 Costumes
17Squiffle10/56 Costumes
18Necco9/56 Costumes
19prydera9/56 Costumes
20TFwO9/56 Costumes
21cuadBelle8/56 Costumes
22Hadjuk8/56 Costumes
23Dician8/56 Costumes
24sallyfox8/56 Costumes
25Suryal7/56 Costumes
1SalenPVP Score: 12
2xKivPVP Score: 6
3captainlongdongPVP Score: 6
4TFwOPVP Score: 3
5grimdelPVP Score: 3
6pryderaPVP Score: 2
7HadjukPVP Score: 1
8LangersPVP Score: 0
9OlafPVP Score: -1
10baughmjkPVP Score: -1
11sallyfoxPVP Score: -1
12keinikuPVP Score: -2
13cuadBellePVP Score: -2
14thoth777PVP Score: -3
15thwartedPVP Score: -5
16raventreePVP Score: -7
17McFeistyPVP Score: -11
Enemy Drones Killed (this Cycle): Most Popular Pets:
1xKiv1,008,469 Enemy Drones Destroyed
2captainlongdong795,843 Enemy Drones Destroyed
3grimdel595,401 Enemy Drones Destroyed
4TFwO523,282 Enemy Drones Destroyed
5Salen319,512 Enemy Drones Destroyed
6raventree312,003 Enemy Drones Destroyed
7Hadjuk220,481 Enemy Drones Destroyed
8captaneric75,566 Enemy Drones Destroyed
9baughmjk73,987 Enemy Drones Destroyed
10sallyfox47,367 Enemy Drones Destroyed
11prydera45,762 Enemy Drones Destroyed
12Necco23,266 Enemy Drones Destroyed
13Langers10,777 Enemy Drones Destroyed
14Olaf6,783 Enemy Drones Destroyed
15kittendethray3,030 Enemy Drones Destroyed
16doublejesus3,009 Enemy Drones Destroyed
17keiniku2,322 Enemy Drones Destroyed
18Squiffle1,877 Enemy Drones Destroyed
19DocChocolate642 Enemy Drones Destroyed
20McFeisty33 Enemy Drones Destroyed
21ReaprSoul17 Enemy Drones Destroyed
22cuadBelle2 Enemy Drones Destroyed
23ostrichhematoma0 Enemy Drones Destroyed
24beefixer0 Enemy Drones Destroyed
25isauteikisa0 Enemy Drones Destroyed
1Salen13 In Player Cages
2Langers12 In Player Cages
3keiniku12 In Player Cages
4sallyfox11 In Player Cages
5doublejesus11 In Player Cages
6munk11 In Player Cages
7grimdel11 In Player Cages
8Necco11 In Player Cages
9DocChocolate11 In Player Cages
10kittendethray10 In Player Cages
11Tatoya10 In Player Cages
12prydera10 In Player Cages
13captainlongdong10 In Player Cages
14nione19869 In Player Cages
15Noskilz9 In Player Cages
16Squashblossom9 In Player Cages
17thoth7779 In Player Cages
18Dician9 In Player Cages
19Hadjuk9 In Player Cages
20thwarted9 In Player Cages
21Squiffle8 In Player Cages
22TFwO8 In Player Cages
23McFeisty8 In Player Cages
24captaneric8 In Player Cages
25dugannash7 In Player Cages
Most Ghosted DoppelPets: Top DoppelPet Collections:
1prydera50 Avg. Cruelty
2unknownodin50 Avg. Cruelty
3baughmjk46 Avg. Cruelty
4daisygirl46 Avg. Cruelty
5doublejesus45 Avg. Cruelty
6zydecopolka45 Avg. Cruelty
7xKiv45 Avg. Cruelty
8Fantadiluvia45 Avg. Cruelty
9UniqueCrash545 Avg. Cruelty
10Salen44 Avg. Cruelty
11Noskilz44 Avg. Cruelty
12dugannash44 Avg. Cruelty
13sallyfox44 Avg. Cruelty
14captaneric44 Avg. Cruelty
15grimdel44 Avg. Cruelty
16glen44 Avg. Cruelty
17thoth77744 Avg. Cruelty
18DocChocolate43 Avg. Cruelty
19Dician43 Avg. Cruelty
20Hadjuk43 Avg. Cruelty
21munk43 Avg. Cruelty
22Squashblossom43 Avg. Cruelty
23kittendethray43 Avg. Cruelty
24McFeisty43 Avg. Cruelty
25Tatoya43 Avg. Cruelty
1xKiv48 Doppelpets
2cuadBelle47 Doppelpets
3captainlongdong40 Doppelpets
4captaneric30 Doppelpets
5grimdel25 Doppelpets
6baughmjk21 Doppelpets
7Hadjuk20 Doppelpets
8Squiffle16 Doppelpets
9raventree9 Doppelpets
10ReaprSoul8 Doppelpets
11Olaf8 Doppelpets
12sallyfox6 Doppelpets
13Dician5 Doppelpets
14Langers5 Doppelpets
15doublejesus3 Doppelpets
16DocChocolate3 Doppelpets
17Necco3 Doppelpets
18Salen2 Doppelpets
19McFeisty2 Doppelpets
20TFwO2 Doppelpets
21glen2 Doppelpets
22Chrisness2 Doppelpets
23mbmking1 Doppelpets
24HauntedHarbourer1 Doppelpets
25kittendethray1 Doppelpets
Tipsiest Players: Meanest Players:
1TFwO(281,347 pure cussedness)
2grimdel(213,232 pure cussedness)
3captaneric(157,332 pure cussedness)
4Hadjuk(105,657 pure cussedness)
5baughmjk(102,738 pure cussedness)
6raventree(77,132 pure cussedness)
7keiniku(75,570 pure cussedness)
8prydera(72,892 pure cussedness)
9kittendethray(66,689 pure cussedness)
10Squiffle(64,585 pure cussedness)
11Necco(52,825 pure cussedness)
12doublejesus(41,944 pure cussedness)
13DocChocolate(33,447 pure cussedness)
14Langers(27,738 pure cussedness)
15Olaf(25,901 pure cussedness)
16ReaprSoul(18,178 pure cussedness)

Luckiest Ever: nardo : 308629 luck

Drunkest Ever: captainlongdong : 12558 drunk

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