The Mostest: Dec 10, 3017

Fastest Dimits (by turns): Fastest Dimits (by hours):
1captainlongdong33°1,094 Turns
2sallyfox33°1,215 Turns
3sallyfox33°1,221 Turns
4sallyfox33°1,263 Turns
5sallyfox33°1,269 Turns
6sallyfox33°1,278 Turns
7sallyfox33°1,278 Turns
8xKiv33°1,296 Turns
9sallyfox33°1,298 Turns
10TFwO33°1,324 Turns
11sallyfox33°1,330 Turns
12TFwO33°1,352 Turns
13sallyfox33°1,355 Turns
14sallyfox33°1,355 Turns
15sallyfox33°1,358 Turns
16sallyfox33°1,366 Turns
17sallyfox33°1,375 Turns
18Salen33°1,377 Turns
19sallyfox33°1,385 Turns
20sallyfox33°1,430 Turns
21Salen33°1,447 Turns
22baughmjk33°1,448 Turns
23sallyfox33°1,449 Turns
24TFwO33°1,455 Turns
25sallyfox33°1,458 Turns
1TFwO33°16 Hours
2TFwO33°18 Hours
3captainlongdong33°18 Hours
4TFwO33°20 Hours
5sallyfox33°20 Hours
6sallyfox33°20 Hours
7sallyfox33°20 Hours
8TFwO33°21 Hours
9TFwO33°21 Hours
10sallyfox33°21 Hours
11TFwO33°21 Hours
12sallyfox33°22 Hours
13sallyfox33°22 Hours
14sallyfox33°22 Hours
15TFwO33°23 Hours
16sallyfox33°23 Hours
17sallyfox33°23 Hours
18sallyfox33°23 Hours
19sallyfox33°23 Hours
20sallyfox33°23 Hours
21sallyfox33°24 Hours
22sallyfox33°24 Hours
23sallyfox33°24 Hours
24sallyfox33°24 Hours
25sallyfox33°24 Hours
Luckiest Players: Toughest Players:
1TFwO41,636 Luckiness
2xKiv35,109 Luckiness
3captainlongdong33,993 Luckiness
4sallyfox22,611 Luckiness
5zydecopolka20,219 Luckiness
6baughmjk19,033 Luckiness
7Salen19,000 Luckiness
8prydera10,549 Luckiness
9dugannash4,968 Luckiness
10Liyana4,725 Luckiness
11Langers2,652 Luckiness
12McFeisty2,140 Luckiness
13Noskilz1,034 Luckiness
14sadieseaside487 Luckiness
15raventree311 Luckiness
16pondpal105 Luckiness
17cuadBelle101 Luckiness
18TheBard25 Luckiness
19David8825 Luckiness
20blakjak25 Luckiness
21Terrabull25 Luckiness
22Rilramar25 Luckiness
23Turk18225 Luckiness
24Stranger25 Luckiness
25Skolor25 Luckiness
1xKiv100 Hit Points
2raventree100 Hit Points
3zydecopolka100 Hit Points
4captainlongdong100 Hit Points
5Salen100 Hit Points
6prydera100 Hit Points
7pondpal82 Hit Points
8Liyana74 Hit Points
9Langers70 Hit Points
10McFeisty66 Hit Points
11sallyfox64 Hit Points
12TFwO63 Hit Points
13Starker61 Hit Points
14sadieseaside45 Hit Points
15baughmjk42 Hit Points
16dugannash35 Hit Points
17Olaf24 Hit Points
18Noskilz17 Hit Points
19Jeyne16 Hit Points
20zibbityzabbity15 Hit Points
21Tao10 Hit Points
22Hazard10 Hit Points
23pmrayquatra10 Hit Points
24nuzuk10 Hit Points
25Aurelan10 Hit Points
Busiest Players: Wealthiest Players:
1sallyfox64,761 Turns Played
2xKiv60,118 Turns Played
3TFwO55,555 Turns Played
4captainlongdong43,832 Turns Played
5zydecopolka32,713 Turns Played
6Langers19,231 Turns Played
7Salen16,315 Turns Played
8prydera11,993 Turns Played
9raventree10,973 Turns Played
10baughmjk7,045 Turns Played
11McFeisty6,071 Turns Played
12Liyana4,831 Turns Played
13pondpal3,494 Turns Played
14dugannash1,433 Turns Played
15Starker1,030 Turns Played
16sadieseaside483 Turns Played
17Noskilz390 Turns Played
18Olaf218 Turns Played
19zibbityzabbity117 Turns Played
20Jeyne102 Turns Played
21uglee1348 Turns Played
22konesaar5 Turns Played
23Kanos3 Turns Played
24ryok1 Turns Played
25Rawence1 Turns Played
1sallyfox40,080,000 Starbux
2zydecopolka33,365,396 Starbux
3Langers15,090,180 Starbux
4Liyana2,560,210 Starbux
5McFeisty2,551,352 Starbux
6raventree1,484,497 Starbux
7Noskilz1,057,589 Starbux
8Starker602,313 Starbux
9pondpal103,448 Starbux
10dugannash61,941 Starbux
11xKiv0 Starbux
12captainlongdong0 Starbux
13TFwO0 Starbux
14baughmjk0 Starbux
15prydera0 Starbux
16Salen0 Starbux
Most Recipe-Wise: Most Popular:
1Langers96/416 Recipes
2xKiv52/416 Recipes
3TFwO39/416 Recipes
4raventree35/416 Recipes
5sallyfox35/416 Recipes
6baughmjk31/416 Recipes
7McFeisty31/416 Recipes
8zydecopolka30/416 Recipes
9Salen28/416 Recipes
10captainlongdong26/416 Recipes
11Noskilz24/416 Recipes
12prydera24/416 Recipes
13dugannash23/416 Recipes
14Liyana23/416 Recipes
15pondpal21/416 Recipes
16Starker20/416 Recipes
17sadieseaside10/416 Recipes
18zibbityzabbity3/416 Recipes
19Olaf3/416 Recipes
20Jeyne2/416 Recipes
Best Traders: Best Bangs Since The Big One:
1sallyfox133,521,512 Trade Exp.
2captainlongdong70,530,402 Trade Exp.
3xKiv55,689,978 Trade Exp.
4zydecopolka54,498,034 Trade Exp.
5TFwO44,075,574 Trade Exp.
6Langers25,613,774 Trade Exp.
7Salen15,433,164 Trade Exp.
8baughmjk12,675,958 Trade Exp.
9prydera10,441,910 Trade Exp.
10raventree10,129,619 Trade Exp.
11McFeisty5,092,056 Trade Exp.
12Liyana3,870,537 Trade Exp.
13pondpal950,273 Trade Exp.
14Starker794,769 Trade Exp.
15dugannash127,782 Trade Exp.
16Alee0 Trade Exp.
17Pyrogyro0 Trade Exp.
18windowstripper0 Trade Exp.
19Eigen0 Trade Exp.
20MamaLuigi0 Trade Exp.
21widdershins0 Trade Exp.
22CrazyElf0 Trade Exp.
23Zarrak0 Trade Exp.
24tivolimom0 Trade Exp.
25sonofsol8490 Trade Exp.
1TFwO57,135 Sexiness
2sallyfox33,297 Sexiness
3Salen9,127 Sexiness
4xKiv6,750 Sexiness
5prydera3,975 Sexiness
6captainlongdong3,649 Sexiness
7baughmjk2,448 Sexiness
8Langers2,329 Sexiness
9zydecopolka2,263 Sexiness
10raventree1,810 Sexiness
11Liyana1,560 Sexiness
12pondpal1,408 Sexiness
13McFeisty1,200 Sexiness
14dugannash387 Sexiness
15Starker67 Sexiness
16zibbityzabbity52 Sexiness
17Noskilz49 Sexiness
18Olaf42 Sexiness
19sadieseaside38 Sexiness
20Jeyne22 Sexiness
21uglee139 Sexiness
22konesaar6 Sexiness
23Jeanne0 Sexiness
24RallyFrans0 Sexiness
25aonach0 Sexiness
Most Confident: Highest Constitution:
1xKiv16,504 Confidence
2sallyfox12,083 Confidence
3captainlongdong10,838 Confidence
4zydecopolka9,374 Confidence
5TFwO7,288 Confidence
6Langers5,906 Confidence
7Salen4,519 Confidence
8raventree2,702 Confidence
9prydera2,546 Confidence
10baughmjk1,662 Confidence
11McFeisty1,074 Confidence
12pondpal517 Confidence
13Liyana481 Confidence
14dugannash263 Confidence
15Starker225 Confidence
16sadieseaside108 Confidence
17Noskilz78 Confidence
18Olaf76 Confidence
19zibbityzabbity34 Confidence
20konesaar26 Confidence
21Apinamies25 Confidence
22Zugger25 Confidence
23shtiipeq25 Confidence
24Cloud25 Confidence
25lordmattu25 Confidence
1zydecopolka44,463 Constitution
2xKiv40,694 Constitution
3captainlongdong37,259 Constitution
4TFwO34,939 Constitution
5sallyfox26,212 Constitution
6Langers11,129 Constitution
7Salen9,736 Constitution
8baughmjk8,775 Constitution
9prydera6,765 Constitution
10raventree3,895 Constitution
11McFeisty2,315 Constitution
12Liyana1,491 Constitution
13dugannash949 Constitution
14pondpal846 Constitution
15Noskilz621 Constitution
16Starker185 Constitution
17sadieseaside129 Constitution
18Olaf58 Constitution
19Jeyne35 Constitution
20zibbityzabbity33 Constitution
21uglee1331 Constitution
22Kanos26 Constitution
23Sekhmet25 Constitution
24chivatha25 Constitution
25Killatron500025 Constitution
Best Dressed: PVP Masters:
1xKiv18/56 Costumes
2Langers17/56 Costumes
3raventree15/56 Costumes
4zydecopolka14/56 Costumes
5McFeisty12/56 Costumes
6baughmjk11/56 Costumes
7Salen10/56 Costumes
8captainlongdong9/56 Costumes
9prydera9/56 Costumes
10TFwO9/56 Costumes
11pondpal8/56 Costumes
12sallyfox7/56 Costumes
13dugannash7/56 Costumes
14Liyana7/56 Costumes
15Starker6/56 Costumes
16sadieseaside5/56 Costumes
17Noskilz4/56 Costumes
18Olaf2/56 Costumes
19konesaar1/56 Costumes
20Jeyne1/56 Costumes
21ryok1/56 Costumes
22zibbityzabbity1/56 Costumes
23uglee131/56 Costumes
24Kanos1/56 Costumes
25thoth7771/56 Costumes
1SalenPVP Score: 1
2baughmjkPVP Score: -1
Enemy Drones Killed (this Cycle): Most Popular Pets:
1xKiv139,025 Enemy Drones Destroyed
2Salen86,417 Enemy Drones Destroyed
3TFwO66,564 Enemy Drones Destroyed
4captainlongdong60,352 Enemy Drones Destroyed
5sallyfox52,077 Enemy Drones Destroyed
6prydera19,978 Enemy Drones Destroyed
7raventree15,496 Enemy Drones Destroyed
8zydecopolka4,852 Enemy Drones Destroyed
9Liyana1,346 Enemy Drones Destroyed
10baughmjk559 Enemy Drones Destroyed
11Osirus0 Enemy Drones Destroyed
12Nixxe0 Enemy Drones Destroyed
13Baruch0 Enemy Drones Destroyed
14jadyz0 Enemy Drones Destroyed
15markcik0 Enemy Drones Destroyed
16Nihil0 Enemy Drones Destroyed
17Thanathos0 Enemy Drones Destroyed
18ss0 Enemy Drones Destroyed
19soodo0 Enemy Drones Destroyed
20willhm0 Enemy Drones Destroyed
21Mrksmn5670 Enemy Drones Destroyed
22Airika0 Enemy Drones Destroyed
23Greeen930 Enemy Drones Destroyed
24phylaetra0 Enemy Drones Destroyed
25razziv0 Enemy Drones Destroyed
1Olaf11 In Player Cages
2captainlongdong11 In Player Cages
3Langers11 In Player Cages
4Salen11 In Player Cages
5sallyfox11 In Player Cages
6munk11 In Player Cages
7raventree10 In Player Cages
8dugannash10 In Player Cages
9Liyana10 In Player Cages
10xKiv10 In Player Cages
11zydecopolka10 In Player Cages
12zibbityzabbity10 In Player Cages
13baughmjk10 In Player Cages
14TFwO10 In Player Cages
15McFeisty10 In Player Cages
16Starker10 In Player Cages
17Jeyne9 In Player Cages
18Noskilz9 In Player Cages
19sadieseaside9 In Player Cages
20pondpal9 In Player Cages
21prydera8 In Player Cages
Most Ghosted DoppelPets: Top DoppelPet Collections:
1TFwO50 Avg. Cruelty
2munk50 Avg. Cruelty
3captainlongdong50 Avg. Cruelty
4McFeisty50 Avg. Cruelty
5Olaf50 Avg. Cruelty
6prydera50 Avg. Cruelty
1captainlongdong20 Doppelpets
2prydera20 Doppelpets
3sallyfox20 Doppelpets
4Salen20 Doppelpets
5baughmjk20 Doppelpets
6xKiv20 Doppelpets
7zydecopolka20 Doppelpets
8TFwO20 Doppelpets
9Langers12 Doppelpets
10raventree7 Doppelpets
11dugannash2 Doppelpets
12zibbityzabbity1 Doppelpets
13Noskilz1 Doppelpets
14pondpal1 Doppelpets
15Jeyne1 Doppelpets
16Olaf1 Doppelpets
17Liyana1 Doppelpets
18Starker1 Doppelpets
19sadieseaside1 Doppelpets
20McFeisty1 Doppelpets
Tipsiest Players: Meanest Players:
1TFwO22 Inebriety
2zydecopolka21 Inebriety
3xKiv19 Inebriety
4captainlongdong12 Inebriety
5Langers9 Inebriety
6sallyfox4 Inebriety
1Liyana(32,010 pure cussedness)

Luckiest Ever: nardo : 308629 luck

Drunkest Ever: captainlongdong : 12558 drunk

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