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The Order of the Amaranth
Degree: 0° (Initiate)
Power: 0 PvP Record: 0 Wins and 0 Losses - Record: 0 Enemy Drone Kills: 0

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Last Active: 07:52 08/31/17
Thawed: 16:46 01/28/09
Turns Played: 0 (this game cycle)
Total Turns 481,040 (since being thawed)
Trade Exp: 0
Constitution: 25
Combat Exp: 0
Creativity: 25
Luck: 25
Sexiness: 0
Confidence: 25
Horniness: 100%
Forum Posts: 0
Julionics travels bareheaded. Julionics is bare-chested. Julionics has squinty eyes.
Julionics has no bling. Julionics has no belt. Julionics's hands are unshorn.
Julionics's right fist. Julionics is pantsless. Julionics's left fist.
Julionics's feet are bare.
Display Case / Awards / Badges:
Julionics's Display Case Julionics is a beloved donator
Special Quests:
Earned Golden Boots from Martian Mayor in 3009.
Earned the fear and respect of Spice Pirates in 3009.
Earned X-Mas Pressie in 3009.
Trimmed 21 X-Mas trees in 3009.
Avenged Malcolm X in 3009.
Rescued Princess Lay-Ya again in 3010.
Earned Golden Boots from Martian Mayor in 3010.
Earned X-Mas Pressie in 3010.
Trimmed 14 X-Mas trees in 3010.
Resurrected Malcolm X in 3010.
Rescued Princess Lay-Ya once more in 3011.
Won 22 Tranyas from Captain Dirk in 3011.
Rescued 10 Little Green Men in 3011.
Earned Golden Boots from Martian Mayor in 3011.
Earned X-Mas Pressie in 3015.
Trimmed 47 X-Mas trees in 3015.
Resurrected Malcolm X in 3015.
Rescued Princess Lay-Ya yet again in 3016.
Won 1 Tranya from Captain Dirk in 3016.
Equipped DoppelPet:
None equipped
War Record:
The Red Eats Its Dead War (aka The Dude, Where's My Drones? War)
(Eastern Star) Knight 33° Sovereign Grand
Power: 29,626 1 Dimits
Friday of the 13th, an a-mazing struggle between evil and evil-er. (AKA: The "As you know, our blockade is perfectly legal." War)
(Eastern Star) Knight 33° Sovereign Grand
Power: 8,943 1 Dimits
The Infernal Pact of the Demonic Empire Conflict, AKA The Yes, We ARE Going to Hell in a Handbasket War
(Eastern Star) Royal Arch Mason 33° Sovereign Grand
Power: 51,328 0 Dimits
"The Fuzzy Red Blanket of Doom" (AKA- The 'You have all been flogged into submission' war.)
(Eastern Star) Exalted Master 33° Sovereign Grand
Power: 386,666 11 Dimits
The Final War of Evil....(A.K.A. The Holy Crap It's Really Over War)
(Eastern Star) Most Excellent Master 33° Sovereign Grand
Power: 130,745 3 Dimits

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