female / gay
The Order of the Amaranth
Degree: 0° (Initiate)
Power: 0 PvP Record: 0 Wins and 0 Losses - Record: 0 Enemy Drone Kills: 0

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Last Active: 17:53 03/12/16
Thawed: 06:59 03/13/08
Turns Played: 0 (this game cycle)
Total Turns 242,706 (since being thawed)
Trade Exp: 0
Constitution: 25
Combat Exp: 0
Creativity: 25
Luck: 25
Sexiness: 0
Confidence: 25
Horniness: 100%
Forum Posts: 0
DivineE travels bareheaded. DivineE is bare-chested. DivineE has squinty eyes.
DivineE has no bling. DivineE has no belt. DivineE's hands are unshorn.
DivineE's right fist. DivineE is pantsless. DivineE's left fist.
DivineE's feet are bare.
Display Case / Awards / Badges:
DivineE's Display Case 2 verified typo reports DivineE is a beloved donator
Special Quests:
Found X-Mas Pressie in 3008.
Trimmed 351 X-Mas trees in 3008.
Won 2 Tranyas from Captain Dirk in 3009.
Rescued 10 Little Green Men in 3009.
Earned X-Mas Pressie in 3009.
Trimmed 425 X-Mas trees in 3009.
Avenged Malcolm X in 3009.
Earned X-Mas Pressie in 3015.
Trimmed 27 X-Mas trees in 3015.
Resurrected Malcolm X in 3015.
Equipped DoppelPet:
None equipped
War Record:
The Four Move Checkmate War (a.k.a. The War They Had No Strong Feelings About, One Way or the Other)
(Amaranth) Knight 17° Knight of the East and West
Power: 1,250 0 Dimits
The Crimson Star Strikes Back (a.k.a. The They Tried to Bring us a War So We Gave Them a Spankin' and Sent Them to Bed Without Their Dinner War)
(Eastern Star) Knight 33° Sovereign Grand
Power: 56,032 1 Dimits
The War Where Drone Deployment Increased Faster Than U.S. Unemployment (aka The War Where Tomorrow Never Died)
(Triad) Knight 31° Grand Inspector Inquisitor
Power: 85,012 1 Dimits
The Forgive us Poo-Bah, for we have Sinned War... (aka The "I just wanna make drones and blow shit up" War)
(Illuminati) Virtual Master 33° Sovereign Grand
Power: 46,869 0 Dimits

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